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What is Prophylaxis?

The word prophylaxis comes from the Greek term "prophylaxis," which means prevention. Prophylaxis is nothing more than a rigorous dental cleaning performed by your dentist or hygienist at the dental office. This cleaning will remove plaque and all kinds of dental biofilm that continually accumulate in the mouth, since brushing cannot clean the oral cavity 100 percent.

Benefits of Getting a Dental Prophylaxis

A prophylaxis treatment offers many advantages. First of all, it should be noted that by eliminating all traces of accumulated impurities, the risk of suffering gingivitis or periodontitis is drastically reduced. Besides, by acting directly on the spots appearing on the enamel of your teeth, there is a noticeable aesthetic improvement. It should also be noted that prophylaxis has a crucial preventive effect against cavities. Dental prophylaxis also helps to prevent bad breath.

When is a professional dental cleaning necessary?

Dental cleaning is an excellent way to help you keep your mouth in good health. It is recommended to have a professional cleaning at least once a year. To have optimal dental care, it is better to have it done every six months. However, if you drink lots of coffee or wine, smoke, have gum disease or wear braces, your dentist will recommend you to have a cleaning every 3 or 4 months. Dental prophylaxis is necessary when you’re suffering from swollen or inflamed gums, tartar, gingivitis or tooth decay.

If you are ready to have your dental cleaning or you have concerns about prophylaxis please, don’t hesitate to contact our dentist in Santa Clarita.