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Scott Koch - Santa Clarita, CA


Dr Aznavour, is very nice and uplifting. He is always in a good mood and he truly wants to help his patients. More importantly, he also wants to get to know his patients as people as well. He prioritizes patients experiencing pain and will go out of his way to help as soon as possible. I have had numerous checkups, 4 wisdom teeth pulled and more recently a root canal! Every time, Dr Aznavour has gone above and beyond to make sure he properly numbed the affected area prior to begining the proceedure and i never experienced any pain! He also prescribed the proper amount of medication for dealing with recovery and if i had any questions or concernes afterwards he always followed up and made sure my recovery was going well with out any complications. I would highly recommend Dr Aznavour and i tell all of my friends to go to him as well, and they have all had a very positve experience as well. Keep up the good work Sarkis!

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Fernando Cordero - Santa Clarita, CA


Best of the Best. I recommend him to all my friends and clients.

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Brie Sanders - Santa Clarita, CA


Absolutely the best dentist I have ever been to! I had a lot of work that needed immediate attention but I was so afraid of dentists from bad past experiences.Dr. Sarkis was so patient with me I barely felt the shots he is hands down awesome! Fair prices and his staff rocks! He will always be my dentis

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Adrienne P. - Canyon Country, CA

4/3/2017 *****

It's about time I gave props to my dentist. I started seeing Dr. Aznavour approximately 5-6 years ago when I was a grad student living off student loans and had no insurance. I was paying cash for my cleanings and dental work. I stayed a patient at Healthy Smiles Dental because I never waited more than 10 minutes to be seated and seen. This office NEVER overbooks. The practice was willing to work with me when I was a cash patient and had to have a crown put in. They gave me several options for paying and the ability to choose whether I wanted a standard or premium crown. The Dr. didn't push me to purchase a more expensive option.

It was Dr. Aznavour that discovered that I did NOT need the unnecessary work that was being pushed on me by another dentist (see my other reviews) and saved me money.

I left the Healthy Smiles Dental practice briefly when I received HMO dental insurance through my husband. That was a nightmare experience and a huge mistake. The HMO dentists in Santa Clarita are awful. I have recently returned to this practice again as a cash payment patient. That's right, I pay out of pocket cash for my cleanings so that I can be treated well and receive quality dental care. Even with my cleanings that have become more labor intensive with my braces Dr. Aznavour is still always pleasant. The office staff are too. I appreciate that the office has appointments on Saturdays as I now work full time and can not always get time off from work.

Did I mention that I pay cash to go here instead of visiting an HMO dentist on my insurance? I don't think you need any more information than that.

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Lior V. - Stevenson Ranch, CA


Back with dr Aznavour to finish up my treatment! So far he has been very patient with me as I am usually very nervous coming to the dentist. I know it needs to be done, so I have to suck it up and do it. Thank god i have the best dentist to get me through this.

Thank you dr Sarkis and staff for helping me get through this and making it as painless as possible.

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Vano Vartan - Santa Clarita, CA


Dr Aznavour has been a great dentist. I moved here with my parents recently from the east coast and I had a toothache. We found Dr Aznavour online and called his office and he immediately got me in ( he said come right over!). After being extremely thorough ( unable to feel where the pain was coming from top or bottom, had a micro fracture in one of my teeth, no cavity and thats why it ws difficult to find out which tooth it was) he was able to do an emergency root canal and I felt sooo much better. He was very patient and took his time to make sure that I was comfortable. He even followed up with me afterwards. His staff is very friendly and his office is very clean with a tv in each room to make the time pass by quickly. Very happy to have found him and will definitely refer!

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Jayleen R. - Baldwin Park, CA


I am extremely pleased with finding Dr Sarkis. He has been our dentist for the last 4 years and we are very pleased. I mean who likes going to the dentist ? Nobody does but when you find a dentist like Dr Sarkis, it makes everything much easier.

He does procedures that would normally be done by specialists, his prices are very reasonable and the quality of his work is at a very high standard. If he is not happy with something he will make sure it is done right. We have had root canals, crowns and even wisdom teeth removed. He is gentle and makes sure you are comfortable. He always personally follows up with us to make sure everything is ok. In a way he is a "young" old school dentist with modern procedures and equipment.

Also, When you go to his office you will see Dr Sarkis, not just some other dentist, no surprises. We couldn't be happier!!

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Sabrina C. - Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Sarkis is absolutely awesome! He literally changed my thoughts about dentists. I came to his office with an extreme amount of pain and in need of a lot of work. Dr. Sarkis is kind and started the work same day to get me out of some of the pain! I went to a couple other dentists that quoted me outrageous prices Dr. Sarkis had the most reasonable prices and his staff was great! I barley felt the shots and I'm terrified of needles! He is my forever dentist thank you Dr. Sarkis

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Art M. - Covina, CA

1/19/2017 *****

Dr Sarkis has been our dentist for over 9 years!We followed him from the time he was in Pasadena and we have been very pleased. He is very keen to answer all questions and will use hand drawing to make sure you understand the treatment.

Niece, his receptionist is very helpful and knowledgeable for insurance questions. The office is clean and the doctor uses a mix of new technology and old school dentistry. He is very thorough and always follows up after major procedures to make sure everything is fine. We have referred many of our family members and they have been pleased.

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Rhonda S. - Santa Clarita, CA


If I could give this dentist a million stars, I would! Dr. Sarkis is a very rare breed..He is the most considerate, nicest, and funny dentist..He makes sure your comfortable and calm..I was a nervous wreck before I went in their, since its been over 10 years since I have seen a dentist.

His staff is so nice, and very friendly..I can say with complete honesty, It was a painless experience..When he gives you a shot, he makes sure it will not hurt you, as he hates getting them himself...I cannot brag enough about the office.. If you're scared or hesitant to go to a dentist, absolutely see Healthy Smiles..They are the best at what they do.

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Chad F. - Castaic, CA


Best Dentist in the SCV! I would highly recommend Dr. Sarkis to anyone in need of dental care. He is not only highly competent, but he's honest and considerate of his patients needs.

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Sophia F. - San Bernardino, CA

3/2/2017 *****

First off, I want to say that don't get this office confused with Healthy Smiles California which is across the street! Looks like they changed their practice name under mysterious circumstances after Dr Sarkis had been Using that name. Looks like they are creating confusion because I certainly was confused as to which office my family was going to! Don't make that mistake!

I am so happy and relieved to have been referred to Dr Sarkis. Dr Sarkis and his staff are very friendly and professional. They gave me an appointment right away and the entire process was very smooth from start to finish. Dr Sarkis did a very thorough exam, including checking my lymph nodes (which dentist does this)?

Dr Sarkis takes his time getting to know you making sure you are comfortable and is very thorough. He is very particular and caring. He followed up with me after my treatment calling from his cell phone after hours to make sure I was ok. Also his prices are reasonable and is very conservative in planning your treatment.

I highly recommend him to all my friends and family and they have been impressed as well.

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Joy A. - Santa Clarita, CA


I'm not a fan of any dentist at all... but today I went to Healthy Smiles Dental for 2 extractions. I was so nervous when the needle touched my gum and while Dr. Sarkis Aznavour was pulling my teeth that I was wringing my sweater so tight to the point he told me to let go before I tear it into many pieces. 10-15 MINUTES later he was done. He pulled the 2 teeth out and I almost didn't feel a thing. Dr. Aznavour is probably the best dentist I've ever gone to. He was very comforting and doesn't have "heavy/aggressive" hands. His staff was absolutely friendly and very professional. I definitely would recommend him to friends and family. Dr. Sarkis is a keeper!!! Thank you, Healthy Smiles Dental!!!

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M G. - Stevenson Ranch, CA


Dr. Sarkis has been my dentist now for four years. He's young well schooled and very versatile. I have had extractions prior to Orthodontics and I never felt them!!!! Grade A+. My next experience was having a consult for Cosmetic Dentistry to get Veneers. Imagine you spent $5,000 over a three year period to have your teeth straightened and bite corrected and then being told in order to get veneers you needed to have those teeth basically grind down to nubs!!!! Then you put all your trust in a dentist and the lab to make your new teeth!!! To say it was anxious time for me would be an understatement!!! In the end it was the best decision I have ever made in my life!!!! Grade A+. Do yourself a favor and stop seeing that expensive Cosmetic Dentist who depends on suckers to pay exorbitant prices so he can drive his Lamborghini on your dime!!!! OR maybe you're tired of paying thousands of dollars for a crown or unnecessary dental procedures or maybe your current dentist is an old fart who should have retired years ago. In the end Dr. Sarkis does good work at honest fair prices and his staff is excellent and friendly. Also, don't be confused by the other dentist across the street who also calls his office "HEALTHY SMILES"! Dr. Sarkis Is the real deal.

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Natasha C. - Castaic, CA

1/25/2017 *****

My entire family has been seeing Dr. Sarkis for a few years. He's very professional and always does excellent work. The office staff are very friendly and accommodating and the location is easily accessible. My kids love going to the dentist ever since we've moved here, I would highly recommend Dr. Sarkis to anyone.

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Sharon Osborne Mollema - Santa Clarita, CA


Great Dentist fast thorough painless ! Thank you Doctor

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Caitlin T. - Santa Clarita, CA

7/29/2016 *****

I have been to a lot of dentists due to destroying my enamel with white strips as a teenager. I have had problems with sensitivity, not getting numb, malpractice (a filling becoming a root canal with the dentist ignoring my concerns), and a dental plan with an expected contribution of $30,000 over five years. Then I found Dr. Aznavour. I've been going to him for 3 years now. He is the best of the best. I have no more pain, perfect fillings, one great root canal and one avoided due to excellent patient care. Plus there's a TV and he will discuss Housewives with me (his wife watches). Best dentist around. Could not recommend him enough! He even has really good recommendations for great dentists in some other areas (I saw another fantastic dentist at his recommendation when he was out of town). Highly recommend Dr. Aznavour!!! Plus the cost is affordable and the receptionist is so nice and will look up your insurance for you. What a lifesaver. It is such a relief to have a great dentist!

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Shana E. - Canyon Country, CA

6/10/2016 *****

So glad to have found a dentist that is honest and works with you when you make cash payments.The office is very clean and the girls that work with the Dr. Are all very sweet!!!!. As for my experience with the dental treatment I woke up to a horrible pain in my tooth all because I was afraid to get a root canal so I avoided getting it done until now .I showed up as a walk in hoping he could take me I was ready to rip the tooth out even though it was on the front side . His staff and dr. Accommodated me right away not even a 10 min wait !! The process was great !!!! He was asking if I was in any discomfort periodically and I can tell he takes pride and doesn't rush ...! Glad I've found a place that my whole family can go to!! Thank you agin for taking me with no appt and alleviating the pain!!!!

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Susanna K. - Stevenson Ranch, CA

9/20/2016 *****

Very professional, thorough, hard working staff. Appointments are always on time. Very broad spectrum of professional services, from simple cleaning to implantology!

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Mimi B. - Valencia, CA


Dr. Aznavour is by far the best dentist I have ever seen. I have been phobic of dentists since I was a small child and Dr. A has been an absolute blessing to me. He is patient, kind, and very gentle. He sees his patients at their correct appointment time (and doesn't make you wait), He takes his time to do the job right, while constantly checking your comfort level and pain tolerance. I have been seeing Dr. A since 2009 and I will never go to anyone else. His staff is also great at making sure you feel welcome, and even calling to remind you when you have an upcoming appointment, or if you are due for one. My entire family goes to Dr. A, based on his pure skills and his professionalism. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

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Andre Edinjiklian - Los Angeles, CA


Great assistant and staff. Excellent, quick, and painless experiences. Highly recommended!

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Patrick S. - NEWHALL, CA

8/31/2015 *****

Dr. Sarkis and his team are superb! He did a wonderful job on my dental work. I am someone who is terrified of needles and i can say with 100% that he made this totally painless. He is very good at hiding the needle if you let him know you have fears of it! After a while he lets you rest your jaw for a few minutes, which makes a HUGE difference when you sit at a dentist office for a few hours with a open mouth. He defiantly made the 2 hours pass by much faster then i would have thought.

I would recommend him to all friends and family.

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Marisol S. - Castaic, CA

10/2/2015 *****

Can't complain by far the best dentist ever always very well taken care of and Dr Shahrooz always in the best of moods good or bad days he always has a smile the back staff amazing and the front staff excellent Anna with her big smile and Eddie and his silly jokes keep up the great work guys

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Jaki Grainger - Santa Clarita, CA


No-one likes the thought of going to the dentist and I'm no different but I found this place and I don't remember how but I will never go anywhere else...

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