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At the practice of Dr. Sarkis Aznavour, we want our patients to have options available for proper care and attention for their smile. This includes not only health and wellness, but appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dental work that focuses on ensuring the smile looks beautiful while still functioning properly and maintaining without disease or decay. Braces are a wonderful solution for children, teenagers, and adults with misaligned teeth.

What are braces?

Braces are a method of realigning the smile with metal brackets and wires. This method has been used for decades in addressing misaligned teeth, also known as “malocclusion.” This includes poor tooth alignments, spaces between teeth, crooked teeth, and even poor bite alignment. Any of these issues may require patients to consider the use of braces to reposition the teeth and address the current concerns.

What are the benefits of braces?

Braces are:

  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast

We encourage patients to ask about braces, as well as orthodontic alternatives that we also have available in our facility, including Invisalign aligner tray therapy. Both of these methods of realignment have their pros and cons, and we want patients to make a knowledgeable decision in regards to how to improve their smile with today’s advanced solutions.

Who is a candidate for braces?

Most patients with misalignment of the smile are appropriate candidates for orthodontic treatment. We provide an initial assessment and also take several x-rays to see the positioning of the teeth. Then Dr. Sarkis Aznavour can speak to the patient about their options. There are other ways of improving the smile without braces, including Invisalign, composite resin bonding, and porcelain veneers.

How can I learn more about braces?

Braces are just one of several solutions used at the practice of Dr. Sarkis Aznavour to completely rejuvenate the alignment of the smile. We encourage patients to take the time to ask our team about braces and other orthodontic services including Invisalign aligner tray therapy. Call our team at (661) 210-4280 to schedule an appointment at 24242 Lyons Avenue. We welcome patients who are ready to transform their smile and address malocclusion once and for all!

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