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What to Do with a Fallen Tooth?

What to Do with a Fallen Tooth

A fallen tooth can ruin a healthy smile, but our dentist in Santa Clarita can help! Losing teeth is a natural part of development. Many children grow up with the tooth fairy story. However, if your tooth falls out when you are an adult, it is nothing less than a nightmare. Even if a child loses an adult tooth, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are many things that you need to know. As dentists, we would like to inform you about everything related to this subject.

How a Fallen Tooth Impacts Your Self-image?

We understand that it has adverse effects on the patients. The individual’s social life gets disturbed. Even the person’s self-concept is affected. Apart from that, the individual may have issues while eating. So, several dimensions get altered.

Fallen Tooth, how a Dentist Can Help?

Our Dentist in Santa Clarita from Healthy Smiles Dental sat down to get the best tips for you. These are the tips that you need to follow to prevent permanent tooth loss. Many people are not aware of the repercussions of simple mistakes they make.

  • First of all, you must rinse the tooth. You should use clean water or even milk. If you are using a saline solution, make sure that it is sterile. Many people wipe the tooth or scrub it. So, make sure that you don’t make this mistake.
  • You should place the tooth in a glass of milk or saline solution after rinsing it. It is not a good idea to put it in water. If milk or saline solution is not available, you can place the tooth in your mouth.
  • It would help if you reinserted it in the empty socket. Sometimes, this helps to protect the root. You can hold the tooth in place using a sterile fabric or gauze. Even if you manage to reinsert the tooth, you will still need to go to the dentist.
  • If you can’t put your tooth in the empty socket, you can place it between your mouth and gums. This will help to protect it for some time before you can visit your dentist.
  • It would be best if you visit your dentist immediately. The lesser the time you waste, the more the chances you will have to get your tooth restored. At our dental clinic, our dentist in Santa Clarita can provide you excellent services. Make sure that you bring your tooth with you. Then, our dentist can determine whether it can be restored or not.
  • If your tooth cannot be reinserted due to damage, we have other options to help you. Our dentist in Santa Clarita will advise you about restorative dental implants. There are other cosmetic procedures that we offer.
  • Even if your tooth feels loose and it has not knocked out completely, make sure that you go to the dentist. You must not try to wiggle the tooth to test the amount of damage yourself.

Last Words…

Many simple habits can prevent serious issues, such as fallen teeth. If you are suffering from such an issue, please contact our dentist in Santa Clarita at  Healthy Smiles Dental . It takes just a few seconds to schedule an appointment and save yourself from a host of problems.

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