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Crossbite, Inverted or Open Bite: Can It Be Corrected?

Crossbite, Inverted or Open Bite: Can It Be Corrected?

Crossbite, inverted or open bite occur when there is no overlapping area between the upper and lower teeth, generating space between them or making them face each other.

Living with a crossbite, inverted or open bite could be the beginning of a series of diseases caused by dental malocclusion. Preventing this condition will allow the patient to close their mouth properly, as well as proper breathing and oral salivation.

Should Crossbite, Inverted or Open Bite Be Corrected?

This type of bite can seriously affect the oral and respiratory health of people. causing persistent gingivitis, open bite and/or a poor sleep with chronic snoring, which can lead to sleep apnea, and generate a deterioration in your health due to the fatigue that is producing. Some studies even show that crossbite could increase the chance of suffering a heart attack by 50 percent due to overstrain. So, yes it should be corrected as soon as possible.

Can Crossbite, Inverted or Open Bite Be Corrected?

Braces can correct crossbite, inverted or open bite. In general, fix this type of issue can be fixed by using different devices called Orthopaedics. In this type of treatment, frontal traction masks, circuit breakers, nance buttons, lip bumpers, and other devices are used to achieve vertical control of the jaw with palatal bars. However, braces are always the most popular choice in Santa Clarita!

If you are currently suffering from crossbite, inverted or open bite, feel free to contact our dental office in Santa Clarita to receive further information about braces and orthodontics.

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