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What Really Happens to Your Teeth
When You Don’t Have Them Checked?

What Really Happens to Your Teeth When You Don’t Have Them Checked

Our dentist in Santa Clarita, CA is always encouraging patients to visit the practice on a regular basis and to take good care of their smile between appointments. However, many patients ask, what really happens to your teeth when you don’t have them checked regularly?

Maintaining oral health

The key to maintaining oral health is preventative care. Many patients think more about “reactive” dentistry than “proactive” dentistry. Proactive dentistry is preventative care and includes visiting the dentist while the going is good—and taking care of the smile when it is in its prime. This may include cleanings, examinations, sealants, and fluoride applications. These are all ways in which patients can take care of their smile and keep it healthy. Unfortunately, when patients stop preventative care, including brushing and flossing at home after every meal, they may be putting their smile at risk. The teeth and gums may be susceptible to the development of tooth decay and periodontal disease, two harmful effects of poor dental health habits. Many of these issues can be caught early enough for successful intervention during routine recall appointments, such as those made every six months. In addition, patients can schedule an appointment with their Santa Clarita dentist as soon as they notice something wrong with their smile. This may include the signs of gum disease or symptoms of tooth decay. Speaking with a professional early on can reduce the damage caused by these conditions.

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