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Can Oral Cancer Be Detected on Time?

Can Oral Cancer Be Detected on Time?

When patients hear of oral cancer, they may be scared about the next steps. Santa Clarita area dentist, Dr. Sarkis Aznavour, is a dedicated professional who encourages patients to see the team of Healthy Smiles Dental on a regular basis to monitor for the development of mouth cancer. Oral cancer screenings are encouraged to ensure early detection, which increases the patient’s survival rate greatly.

As with any type of cancer, the earlier the cancer is detected, the better the chances of restoring the body back to health. Dr. Sarkis Aznavour, Santa Clarita dentist, proudly offers oral cancer detection screenings to patients who visit his dental practice regularly. Additionally, patients can take certain steps at home to check for oral cancer and should be aware of the signs that cancer may be present to take action as soon as possible! Oral cancers can affect many areas of the mouth, including the:

The most common form of cancer found in the mouth is that of squamous cell carcinomas which can be treated early and effectively.

Signs of oral cancer

Some of the signs that oral cancer is present include:

If one or a combination of these issues are present, it may be time to work with our dentist in Santa Clarita to undergo a screening to ensure oral cancer is not the cause. Contact the team of Healthy Smiles Dental today to learn more about screening for oral cancer to ensure early intervention. Call (661) 210-4280 or visit personally at the office, conveniently located at 24242 Lyons Avenue. Our Santa Clarita dentist, Dr. Sarkis Aznavour, and his team are here to assist you and your family in achieving and maintaining oral health and wellness.

Location: 24242 Lyons Avenue Santa Clarita, CA 91321